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About Err' Body Good LLC

Top Urban Couture in Detroit

They say you dress how you want to be addressed, and Err' Body Good LLC is in charge of making you look good on every occasion. From the trendiest hoodies to t-shirts, masks, sweatsuits, and more, we offer everything you need to create outstanding looks. Partnering with us is easy if you’re based in the Detroit ...
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Stylish and Affordable Clothes

People always think higher quality means a higher price tag. That's not the case with us. Our clothes are affordable and scaled to your budget, and the quality will always be higher than the price tag. Our products are the brainchild of Elliot Woods, who seeks to invoke a positive spirit in the city of Detroit ...
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What We Do

We focus on urban couture style. Our business is set apart from the rest by the creative style that we bring to the fashion industry. We are recognized by top fashion bodies for our unique way of expressing fashion creativity. Our styles are in tune with the needs of the current young culture and are widely ...
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